Unsocial Media

Unfortunately, what I’m about to say, kids from this generation will not understand.

Do you remember when you were a child how you would climb trees, play with jump ropes, build forts, and stay outside until the sun went down at 9:30? How many lifetimes ago does that seem? Now all of that is replaced with texting, emailing, facebook, twitter, instagram. We are a name on a screen now. Communication comes from a chat box. We call it social media. These things that have replaced the fresh cut smell in the air, the rough feeling of trees under your fingers.

When I was younger I would fall off my scooter and still refuse to go inside because of that scratch on my knee. I wanted to stay outside with my friends. Now that scratch on the leg, it’s an excuse to inside to check your fantasy football game. Or whatever newest game has come out.

Social media is one of the least social things in our day to day lives. Relationships nowadays seem to consist of texting all the time instead of talking on the family phone and making plans to go to the drive ins. The world we live in has been turned to one of computer screens and cellphones. How far will this go? Are you happier now? Do you still have the ability to find fun in the little things that you find yourself?

I too, am a monster of this society. I have an addiction to texting. This could sound absolutely crazy. But it’s true. It’s as real as an addiction to drugs or alcoholism. People are less willing to give up their social media because it’s like a nice cozy blanket of happiness. Or not. Everything can be altered exactly how you want it to on the internet. People don’t have to see all of you. And it feels good. People can only judge what you let them. And in reality, outside of that screen, they can judge all of you. Being trapped in a phone is easier than living your life. Because living your life involves more than moving your fingers.

I have 791 friends on facebook. How many of them do I actually talk to? Nowhere near 800. I’m lonely still. Why? Because my online life is fake. Why don’t we talk? We isolate ourselves. Talk to me. I’m here. Maybe you haven’t realized how destructing your online life is. The gossip is unreal. Literally. Everything we do has to be shared with the world now. And a lot of the time its for bragging rights. Which is so unfortunate. Let me be genuinely happy for you. But can you be genuinely honest with me?

Look up from your phone. Shut off your screen. Go outside. And just breathe.

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3 thoughts on “Unsocial Media

  1. Hi Kelly :D I love this post as it is so true. I have cut right back, only using WP and Yahoo Instant Messenger. When I go out I have a cheap cell phone that is actually just a telephone for emergencies only. I think I’ll go and stretch my legs. Ralph xox <3

    • Thank you Ralph! I believe I have been able to find my voice through wordpress and am finally able to share my opinions. I am glad that there are more people beginning to realize the problems we are facing in social media.

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